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Referral System

Affiliate Program - Your Way to Earn More

As soon as possible to announce a project? Most likely, you yourself know the answer to this question. The easiest way is to go to Instagram and offer the same Ole and a couple or two more media people to talk about it. In exchange, of course, for money.

The problem is that this is not just about money, but about very substantial amounts. And the worst part is that this banquet should be partially paid for by investors. Simply put, funds should be idle out of circulation.

We believe that this approach is irrational. Every dollar spent on promoting a project should be guaranteed to pay off. That is, to attract new investors to the project, and with it, new money.

That is why we decided to organize an affiliate program, in which each investor can participate. And for anyone, she is a great way to earn much more.

How our affiliate program works

It's simple:

  • 3 referral levels in it
  • commission distribution 4% -2% -1%
  • bonuses are calculated on the size of deposits.

From the money transferred by investors attracted to the project personally, 4% is deducted. These are your 1st level referrals. The investors they bring will be your 2nd level referrals. From the contribution of each of them you will receive 2%. When the investors attracted by them join the project, you are entitled to a reward of 1%.

In fact, personal participation for the conviction to join the project is required only to attract referrals level 1. And then, without doing anything, you can get good money from their future activities.

Technical Design

After registering on an online payment platform, you will receive a referral link.
Every newly registered investor will become your 1st level referral.
Referrals of all three levels are displayed in your personal account. Also in continuous mode, you see how your money grows.

How can you manage referral bonuses

Act as you see it profitable:

  • withdraw to your bank card / account / online wallet
  • open up new investment rates.