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Ask - answer
You claim that you are against cryptocurrency, and you accept them yourself. How so?
We did not say that against it, just today it is not the most profitable instrument for investment, despite the explosive growth in the past. Yes, we accept the least risky cryptocurrencies. But only in order to give the opportunity to participate in the project to those who froze in them real money.
Are the commissions in the affiliate program distributed to the income part of the deposits?
No, of course. So, actually, soap bubbles are created.
How often can I withdraw money?
Daily. 24/7
Where can I get money?
From your personal account, they are displayed on the same instrument from which you transferred money. That is, an account or online wallet.
I can indicate that my money is invested in gold, for example?
No, because monitoring markets is our task. As well as the fact that as a result pay you%.
Can I make a refill?
Yes, there is such an opportunity.
Muddy you some. No specifics and no names even!
You are joking now, right?
Can I not purchase a tariff, but earn money solely through referrals?
You can.