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About us

We know where to invest and when it’s time to get rid of assets. Multiply your money by investing with us

“Who the hell are they ?!” - most likely, this is the question that came to you after you found yourself on the Main page (website). And really - when it comes to investments, the focus is on any LLC, PJSC or JSC, often proudly referred to as a mutual fund.

So - we are neither one nor the other, nor the third. We do not have a legal entity and other attributes inherent in a commercial firm. Because we are not a firm at all, but simply nine people who joined in an informal Investor Club at the end of August 2017.

Four of us have been friends since the time of studying at MGIMO. And the fascination with diving gathered us on the cozy island of Panarea. Each of us had our own connections and influence in a particular industry. Behind unhurried conversations, the idea arose of combining the capabilities of everyone to earn even more. We created a personal investment fund, and then began to invest this money in the most profitable assets. And, using the information hidden for others, to get rid of them in time.

About a couple of months later, five more participants appeared in our club, opening new directions for highly profitable and reliable investments. According to the “rules of the game,” we agreed for a year not to withdraw income and reinvest it constantly.

Over the year, the size of our fund increased by 182% and from $ 430 thousand increased to $ 784 333 thousand.

We faced a question - what to do next.

We had several options:

  • distribute income, initial contributions and run                             
  • take part of the income and continue to invest further                             
  • continue to invest, without touching the income and the "body" of the fund.

                         we chose the fourth way - to put earnings on the stream, increasing it regularly and repeatedly.
                         As a result, we have formed an investment model with the participation of money from private deposits.
                         The technical support of its operation was assumed by our friendly company Agricole Capital, which assumed the functions of a finance operator.                     

Frankly, we are no “good uncles” who decided to financially support compatriots in difficult times.
Money attracted from private investors allows us to turn the market situation in the areas we are interested in in the right direction and earn indecently a lot.
However, anyone who wants to increase their income, together with us will achieve their goal.

Investment objects

We are not fixated on cryptocurrency trading and general hype around this sphere, preferring traditional investments, but not without due attention to the world of cryptocurrencies

The sphere of our interests is that which has high liquidity in the long term. Also, we will not take advantage of the opportunity to earn money on what can cause lightning-fast demand and give a high return on investment.

For example, we did not miss the chance to multiply our capital by financially participating in the Synergy University event.
By the way, Tony Robbins is an acquaintance of the oldest member of our Club. Consistently consulting with him, a stellar life coach on a relatively risk-free strategy has increased its investment package over the past five years by 234%.

About risks

In investment activity, it is not always steady growth. However, we are obliged to fulfill our obligations and pay our investors the income due to them.
To do this, we have created an emergency reserve fund, formed from personal funds, as well as seventeen time VIP deposits. Our investors are thus insured against possible seasonal market failures.

However, it should be noted that the more profitable the assets, the higher the level of risk associated with investing in them. We cannot say that the measures we have taken to hedge will be sufficient in the event of inadequate high volatility in several markets of interest to us. A similar situation may well occur against the background of some sudden state of emergency - military conflicts, for example, or some kind of natural disasters. That is why we urge you to weigh all the “against” and “for” before investing your money. Also, we do not advise you to extract income from borrowed funds.

Affiliate program

As you already understood, we are interested in having at our disposal as many financial instruments as possible. The traditional way to solve this problem is to use different referral schemes. Of all that exist, we chose the best, in our opinion, option:                         

  • financially attractive enough for current investors                             
  • rationally spending our (and your!) money.                         

You can learn more about the affiliate program here. Sign up