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High Yield Investments
Make them with us and earn up to 2.5% per day or 75% per month

Minimum "Bubbles"

In the form of stock trading or crypt

Only reliable assets:

  • uranium and rare earth elements
  • precious metals
  • telecommunications and IT
  • tourist real estate
  • high yield events
  • other liquid assets with
    long-term stable demand
We make money work

A year ago, we combined our capabilities so that each of us could get more financial benefits.


Today, we need additional funds to implement interventions that will increase the impact in the industries we need and increase profits. Therefore, we decided to raise money from individuals who want to earn a stable income with the help of our investment club.

Your investment tool -
                     reliable online platform
You connect to it immediately after registering on this site.
Our experience
  • Independence from corporations                             
  • Valuable dating and connections                             
  • The ability to influence the market situation in their own interests
Your fixed income
  • Profitability from 15% to 75% per month                             
  • Daily Charge%                             
  • Opportunity not to think: “Where to invest?”, but just to receive money regularly
Personal Area
will allow
  • Quickly withdraw income                             
  • View the fare and watch your money grow 24/7.                         
Fully reliable, since the development of the investment platform used blockchain technology.
By investing with us, you will
get good profit

For us, your money is a kind of engine through which we can manage the situation in markets that interest us.                     

This is our financial result for the year. Due to the attraction of private funds,
we plan to increase it many times.

4 tariffs with a yield from 1.7 to 2.5 %% per day for 90 days
Choose yours!
Tariff 1
Tariff 2
1 000-2 499$
Tariff 3
2 500-∞
Tariff 4
Count your income
How money multiplies
Buy at the bottom, sell at the top. Well, if quite briefly.
We collect information and analyze
We use various sources. As open - from analytical agencies Associated Press, Reuters and Bloomberg, and insider information, available thanks to our acquaintances and connections.
Deciding where to invest
Each of us is responsible for a specific market. But decisions are made collectively.
Determine the time of sale
Our task is to catch the moment of the highest asset value.
Sell and take profits
Technically, both are simple.
We transfer money
For distribution on deposits. They enter the payment platform, and our investors see income in their personal accounts.
But the detailed composition of investment packages is our commercial secret. Do not ask for it.
Affiliate program –
your source of additional income
It’s beneficial for us to increase
your working capital.

Attract participants to the project and earn 4%, 2% and 1%:

  • 3 levels of referrals
  • commission on the size of their deposits


Personal funds turnover of 1500 and structure of 10,000. Bonus 1000
Personal funds 3000 structure 25000 h bonus 2000.
Personal 5000 structure 45000 bonus 3500.
Structures 70000 - Bonus 5000.
Structures 100,000 - Bonus 8000
Structures 300,000. Bonus 15000
Structures 500,000 Bonus 30000
Structure 1,000,000 bonus 75,000

Ask - answer
You claim that you are against cryptocurrency, and you accept them yourself. How so?
We did not say that against it, just today it is not the most profitable instrument for investment, despite the explosive growth in the past. Yes, we accept the least risky cryptocurrencies. But only in order to give the opportunity to participate in the project to those who froze in them real money.
Are the commissions in the affiliate program distributed to the income part of the deposits?
No, of course. So, actually, soap bubbles are created.
How often can I withdraw money?
Daily. 24/7
Where can I get money?
From your personal account, they are displayed on the same instrument from which you transferred money. That is, an account or online wallet.
I can indicate that my money is invested in gold, for example?
No, because monitoring markets is our task. As well as the fact that as a result pay you%.
Can I make a refill?
Yes, there is such an opportunity.
Muddy you some. No specifics and no names even!
You are joking now, right?
Can I not purchase a tariff, but earn money solely through referrals?
You can.
Didn't find the answer to your question? Ask it to us personally!
You can contact our consultants:
at via Telegram or write to our support team
Information Telegram chat
Video conferencing and news blog will help you keep abreast of the crypto market.
Company address
Agricole Capital 18-20 Rue Edward Steichen, 2540 Luxembourg